We help our clients to build better relationships with their customers. This means we have to understand how people think, what makes
them happy, what encourages them to buy.
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1) Please fill in the online application and send it to us. The more carefully you fill it in, the easier it is for us to tell whether we have an opening that matches your skills.

2) If it looks like we have an immediate match, we will contact you to set up an interview. If no suitable position is open at the moment and you give us permission, we'll keep your application for six months in case something opens up.

3) During the first interview, you will have a chance to meet someone who is actually performing the job you are applying for, so you can get a realistic view of everyday tasks and responsibilities. You'll also get a general picture of the company, our way of working, and employment benefits.

4) Depending on the country, we may ask you to come in for a personal skills assessment.

5) If the assessment indicates that you would fit in and you are interested in joining us, then we arrange a final meeting where we can draw up an employment contract that both parties find satisfactory.

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