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We’re not newcomers on the block. We’ve talked the talk and walked the walk.

Who’s behind KeyDP?

KeyDP is pioneered by Monva Digital: a web development and web marketing agency based out of Chicago, IL.

We comprise engineers, marketers, and data scientists with 10+ years of experience working with and on the web.

We all share a familiar passion for making stuff and data.

How does KeyDP get its data?

We like scraping! (Or using APIs where possible.) We’ve been collecting data and monitoring sites like Google Trends to build up small-but-significant sets of databases.

The current system is a combination between content curation and automated systems to pull data.

Where is the data sourced from?

Mainly public sources, but we also leverage a few private APIs; for example: an in-house API to fetch auto-suggest results and SERPs. Our methods are evolving, and we reckon they’ll be entirely different as we scale up.