We help our clients to build better relationships with their customers. This means we have to understand how people think, what makes
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Our history

"Our journey begins and ends with you. "

Lesson 1:

This isn't another story about four guys with a Mac and a dream. It's the story of two hardworking businessmen with solid backing, a clear vision - and a dream.

The reality is, we were never that small. From the very beginning, KeyDP was conceived of as a nimble, innovative partner for leading global companies and institutions.

KeyDP was created in 1997, the result of informal, wide-ranging discussions between Heikki Rotko and Harri Roschier, two clearheaded Finnish businessmen. Together, they realized that developments in digital media afforded unique opportunities ? but only if they seized the moment.

The two of them then convinced Talentum Oyj, a premier Finnish media group, that their idea was viable.

Next, they set up the company and started acquiring. Four of the most creative Finnish new media companies were deftly formed into one to create the original core of what is today known as KeyDP Interactive.

KeyDP has the proud distinction of being the first internationally oriented Finnish new media company. Two early strategies, both key to our present success, were to achieve rapid yet carefully targeted global expansion - and be publicly listed. Additionally, we?ve been fortunate to develop and mature hand-in-hand with some of the most respected and progressive companies of the new digital economy.

During our first year growth was steady. Having started 1998 with less than 30 employees, the year-end headcount tripled to 90. But also in 1998 several new accounts were added to KeyDP's roster, including the telecom giant Nokia.

Our growth skyrocketed in 1999, with the acquisition of companies in Dallas, Dusseldorf, and Stockholm, and the establishment of our London and Oulu offices and the further acquisition of additional Finnish technology houses Sansibar and Seiren Solutions.

In 2000 Amsterdam became the newest "dot" on our map and we likewise increased our presence in Germany through the acquisition of tro new media.

At present we putting profitability over growth and concentrating on developing our existing operations better than ever.

Lesson 2:

New media/high tech is an intrinsically challenging, risk-oriented industry. That's one of the things we love most about it. Companies that lack a genuinely innovative, conceptually vibrant mindset don't do very well nor last very long. We are proud to be partners with many of the undisputed leaders of the new global economy. And we fully intend to be a player in this uniquely promising industry, even many years from now.

The pace of our own growth and evolution has been breathtaking at times even to us. But our movement has always been forward and up, and our future continues to look quite bright. We suspect that this is because we sincerely and passionately believe in what we do - and because we always strive to do it exceptionally well.

Lesson 3:

We have a clear vision of where we are going. Our success, both past and present, is the result of our consistent focus on humanistic approaches to innovative design, on critical clients, on intelligent solutions, and on steady expansion.

Watch us. Better yet, join us. We are making history.

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