We help our clients to build better relationships with their customers. This means we have to understand how people think, what makes
them happy, what encourages them to buy.
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At KeyDP, you can build cutting-edge skills in new media - in e-business strategies, Internet technologies, visual design, project management, and digital service creation.

We are committed to having content, competent colleagues. Each of us has development discussions twice a year and a personal development plan. We mentor each other to boost professional development and provide a channel for ensuring job satisfaction.

We also recognize the need for training outside the company. Need a course in advanced Flash design'sign up. Want to attend a mobile conference? No problem. Each of us has a training budget. This isn't purely out of the goodness of our hearts. We invest a lot in competence development because we want our people to have the latest knowledge and know-how of digital business in order to best help our clients.

Our personal and professional development opportunities include:

  • e-Business University
  • Mobile Professional Program
  • KeyDP Docker Days induction program
  • KAM Academy
  • competence guilds and personal mentoring
  • job flexibility and opportunities to work abroad
  • extended personal leave (Himalaya leave)
  • Body and Soul freetime activities
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