We help our clients to build better relationships with their customers. This means we have to understand how people think, what makes
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Digital branding

" Digital branding empowers your customers, which is an advantage for you but also creates its own set of challenges. Brand usability becomes an issue. "

The appeal of a digital brand lies in its interaction. Traditional media relies on one-way communication, while a successful e-brand creates an ongoing dialogue about a product or service.

We focus on the target group to come up with successful digital interpretations of existing brands or to create entirely new brands based on digital interaction. When planning an e-brand or digital communication solution, we are most concerned with how the target audience will use the brand.

KeyDP creative services

Our e-branding offering includes the following services:

  • ethnographic methods: target audience representations using video, stills and interviews. These representations are based on extensions of the rapid ethnographic methods developed by KeyDP.
  • e-branding: core e-brand description and target audience definition, and competitor benchmarking
  • digital communication: e-brand strategy development, implementation and maintenance
  • interactive media: online and mobile marketing communication strategy and execution
  • creative design: compelling, prize-winning design

A strong e-brand attracts visitors to your service, creates customer loyalty, increases sales, and protects you from competitors. Our outstanding record in creating Web communities, business portals, and localized search engines are proof of our e-branding leadership.

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