We help our clients to build better relationships with their customers. This means we have to understand how people think, what makes
them happy, what encourages them to buy.
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Customer relationship

" Our world is helping you build better customer relationships through wireless and wired technologies. "

Nobody has a monopoly on genius. That's why we'll always welcome the shock of the new. Why we audition our own people's bright ideas. Why we ask your customers to tell us what they need and want. Why we invite you and your stakeholders to join us as cooperative working partners right from the start.

It's the only way to deliver the rich, seamless experience of tomorrow's mobile world.

We offer our services in four areas:

  • MOBILE INTERNET Since developing one of the world's first mobile portals, KeyDP has been shaping and defining the emerging mobile culture.
  • ELECTRONIC RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Electronic relationship management is a Web-centered approach to managing relationships between external and internal parties across any communication channel, including digital devices such as the Web, mobile devices and DigiTV/broadband. It offers you customized interaction with its potential and existing customers, suppliers, partners and investors - any time, anywhere.
  • E-COMMERCE An increasing number of businesses today are adopting e-Commerce as their core business model - not just to support their existing business, but to carry out transactions, offer products and services, and make pricing decisions and critical business evaluations.
  • E-BRANDING Your branding ideology should no longer be limited to traditional media. Digital services must also communicate the value of your brand, building an effective brand relationship over time, consolidating it by exploiting new media, and maintaining the impact of its visual identity.
  • Our BROADBAND offering has just established, please contact if you are interested to how we can help in the near future.
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